SQTR-3B                                                                                       SQTR-2M


ADS-B Squitter Generators

KLJ Instruments is pleased to introduce its family of ADS-B Squitter Generators capable of generating the following transponder ADS-B squitter and message types:

Mode S 1090 MHz DF17/18/19 Squitters
Mode S 1030 MHz Mode S Uplink Formats (TIS-B)
Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) Messages

The SQTR-2 product family is available in a number of configurations including:

    SQTR-2 - Used to perform de-garbling and retriggering performance testing as specified in DO-260B for Mode S receivers
    SQTR-2U - Used to perform DO-282A MOPS tests for Universal Access Transceivers (UAT)
    SQTR-2M - Used to perform de-garbling and retriggering performance of Mode S receivers, DO-282A MOPS testing, and testing of Wide Area Multilateration receivers

The SQTR-3B is a single channel unit capable of generating 1090 MHz Squitters, 1030 Mode S Uplinks, and Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) Squitters.  The SQTR-3B, which replaces a previous product the SQTR-3,  is compliant with DO-260B and DO-282A.  An option is available for the SQTR-3B to receive Mode S squitters (SQTR-3BR).

The SQTR-5 Ramp Test Set provides portable testing capability of Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) ADS-B Squitters.


SQTR-3B Datasheet                 SQTR-3 Manual                SQTR-5 Manual

SQTR-2 Datasheet                    SQTR-3B Manual

ADS-B Products                        SQTR-2M Manual

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